Trying to Break Free from the Telly Habit

Television can truly be extremely addictive, and it is tough to motivate oneself to break free from the constant attraction towards the television screen. But let’s face it, television is monotonous and unhealthy. In this world, most people watch television at least once a day. A person on average ends up spending ten to twelve hours watching television per week. For most of us, television serves as a sweet escape from reality.

However, life is too short to be hung around a television set and one can do a lot of things to cut their number of hours of television viewing.

Make a Routine

Without a constructive routine, one can easily end up spending almost an entire day in front of the television. In order to avoid doing so, make a routine and include activities which should be more of a priority for you than watching television.

Know your Programs

Knowing the programs that you like to watch will keep you away from mindlessly scrolling through television channels.

Avoid mindless television viewing

Don’t watch television because you do not have anything else to do. It is possible that a television is keeping you from doing that one thing which you always wanted to do in your life.

Develop a Hobby

Create a constructive hobby. It can be photography, taking part in sports, planning a weekend excursion, mountaineering, and the list goes on and on.

Include Physical Activities

It is a well researched fact that television viewing is one of the leading causes of propagating unhealthy behavior among children, youngsters and adults. Television viewing takes away the time from an individual’s life which otherwise they could use in exercising, going for a jog or a run, indulging in sports, and several other physical activities. It works in your favor to pick up your running shoes instead of picking up the remote for your television.