The Irish News Has a 38% Market Share

The Irish news is one of the leading brands of newspaper in Ireland. As if now, it enjoys 38% of the market share. Its market growth expectancy rate is going to increasing in the near future as it is providing valuable content, news, and information to its reader through the digital platform as well. In the world of constant digitization, providing meaningful content to its online readers and existing offline turned online readers indeed demonstrates modern thinking.

The Irish news has always been successful in establishing a good customer relationship while providing high quality consumer services. This is because of their quality of journalism which has always been remarkable, transparent, real time and up to the mark. They have several sections dedicated to several kinds of news, thus constantly serving as well as expanding its target audiences.

With special emphasis on Northern Ireland news, national news, and Western news the newspaper widens its demography of readers while giving them a wholesome perspective on news and information happening at country level at the same time.

The Irish news covers business news rather rigorously with emphasis on local businesses like property and agriculture industry. They keep a check on the news surrounding the local banks. The stand alone, lock-in feature of the newspaper would be its constant analysis of global firms and their connection with Ireland as the country is clearly a hot spot among the corporations around the world.

They also have an extensive and intensive coverage on the events related to sports. Ireland, being a country of sports fanatics is delving deeper into the consumption of sports news day by day.

The newspaper has Arts and Lifestyle section which takes care of health and entertainment news. Another ‘cannot be missed’ feature of the newspaper is its opinion and columns section as it is filled with interesting arguments, insights, and stories from around the globe.