Orangehall Attacked for Second Time

It is amazing that people would attack the Orangehall fraternity for the second time, windows and doors were once again smashed during the night. It is apparently some kind of hate crime due to the local protest in the area. Locals seem to feel justified in committing these crimes against the Orangehall fraternity, claiming that they create an atmosphere that makes people feel they have the right to break the law and attack the place. Locals should realize that violence never has solved any situation. The attackers need to be held accountable for destroying property and it seems that the police need to step up and do more.

Orangehall has strong ties to the United Kingdom the fraternity is strongly against the independence of the Scottish and even the unification of Ireland. Orangehall continues to hold a protest against these actions. There is around 700 Orangehalls spread across Ireland, which arsonist continue to target. Several of the halls have been burnt down to ashes over the years by people that are against their movement. In Northern Ireland, it’s been noted that two orange lodges are claiming religious ties to Saint Patrick.

The Orangehall members are only protesting and not doing any type of damage to any property, but their buildings are being attacked. At this time, no reports of injuries have been reported, but if the hate crimes continue, it could escalate to members being targeted instead of buildings. The police may be doing what they can, but there should be a way to find the perpetrators and place them in jail as they are considered arsonists, as well as performing acts of property damage, which are against the law while protesting peacefully, is not against the law. The locals need to protest in legal ways instead of destroying private property.