Opinion: It Matters!

Ireland has a literacy rate of 98% and it is fair to state that the Irish people like to make informed opinions. The country recently made history by legalizing gay marriages. The citizens of Ireland are one bunch of consciously active individuals, and due to this the opinion columns of the newspaper are filled with interesting insights and opinions.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor include letters by regular readers on various topics and issues concerning the citizens of Ireland. This can be in the sphere of politics/culture/entertainment/sports/current affairs. Letters to the Editor are special because they are direct insight into the minds of the reader and newspaper choose to publish them to convey their message to a larger audience/concerned authorities thus serving as communication platform for two parties.


Cartoons have been used as medium of communication since time immemorial. In the era of visual media and communication, the importance of cartoons has risen to a whole new level. Cartoons are used to communicate important events, ongoing satire, events of high importance, and so on. More often than not, they convey hidden messages to the readers/public in a light fashion to uncover the scenario or issue in the grander scheme of things.

Columns on essential matters that shape public opinion

On most of matters, readers are a little derailed due to lack of information. Through columns and columnists, readers get an insight to several opinions. Opinions expressed through columns help readers in making decisions about matters of importance. After hearing an informed individual’s opinion, readers try to tally it with their own opinions.

As a matter of fact, opinion columns on economy and politics are essential to readers. It is essential to take into consideration that opinions are not biased as they can be misinterpreted by the readers.