One arrested as protesters protest against oil drill Project


The campaign group ‘Stop the Drill’ and the company ‘InfraStrata’ are in an argument with each other regarding the drilling of an exploratory well which serves in favour of the larger public and makes their livelihood easy and convenient. The company has the necessary permissions from the government to drill the exploratory well under the application of the permitted development rights. However, the locals and the campaign group are both against their authority for drilling.

According to the objectors, the drill is going to have a severe impact on a reservoir which is around 400 metres away. It must be noted that the reservoir is of high value to the community because it supplies water to thousands of homes in Co Antrim and Belfast.

One of the woman at the site of the drilling further added that this kind of development damages people and their livelihood. It also has negative consequences on nature and wildlife. She also mentioned that the people along with the campaign group have tried multiple times to contact Mid and East Antrim Borough Council for help but all their efforts have been in vain. If any kind of construction activity doesn’t need complete permission from the planning committee, it doesn’t mean that it automatically is in the favour of the people. This is the philosophy and motto of several campaigners and objectors based on which they openly protested and blocked access to the oil drilling site at Woodbury Forest in Carrickfergus.

In the stand-off between protestors and police, one arrest was made by the officials at the entrance of the oil well exploration drill in Co Antrim.

The drilling procedure requires four months to complete, however the campaign group ‘Stop the Drill’ is trying to consult the Department of the Environment to go through the matters and re-analyse the permits.