L.V Gaal humbly accepts scathing remarks on United

The football club Manchester United has been having a tough time lately as it lost multiple matches in recent years. It is only natural that the coach Louis Van Gaal has been bombarded with scathing remarks for the team’s poor performance.

However, instead of retaliating in defence, the coach is rather humbly accepting the mistakes made by the team. He is not focusing on regretting the events which occurred in the past as he rather believes in utilising his time with the team in strategising contingency plans for future games and game scenarios.

The coach ensured that his team will be prepared and capable enough to challenge several other competitors in the future games. In the approaching times, matches will be played against Club America, Paris St. Germain, San Jose Earthquakes, Barcelona — and Manchester United seems to be in high spirits to make a solid winning come back.

Furthermore, the coach, who is a Dutchman, added that he is planning the matches in a way where he can minimise the level of exhaustion in other activities and help footballers of his team rather utilise their energy in giving excellent performances while playing in the main important matches.

The coach also spoke about how in the upcoming years are in the competition for ranking amongst Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, and other clubs who are battling for the first positions is going to alter completely.

Louis Van Gaal also shed some light on his players and their health conditions. It has been analysed that he has lost all his key players like Michael Carrick, Marcos Rojo, Rafael, Jonny Evans, and Phil Jones to health problems and other injuries. However, he was happy about the fact that Rooney is fit to play because his injuries weren’t as severe as they were expected to be.