Ex-singer of Westlife, Shane Filan back on song

Irish boyband Westlife ex-singer Shane Filan is all set to re-invent himself. The singer had an outstanding career with the band Westlife wherein in a career span of fourteen years; they had around fourteen extremely popular hit singles with forty-four million of sales in total.

Unfortunately, in late 2012 — times weren’t in favor of the lead singer Shane Filan as he was declared bankrupt. This happened because one property investment made by him turned out to be a wrong decision, costing him his entire savings and putting him in a tough financial situation.

However, Shane was immensely supported by his family during his turbulent times for which he is immensely grateful. He appreciates the time he spent with Westlife as it brought him a lot of satisfaction and fame. Shane sparks a ray of positivity as he speaks that losing one’s wealth isn’t the end of the world because it is easy to re-gain the wealth back. He also adds that difficult times has made him a stronger and better person.

Indeed, the journey of overcoming his struggles is clearly reflecting in his 2014 debut solo album ‘You and Me,’ where Shane has described the album as ‘Personal and Therapeutic.’ However, his other album ‘Right Here’ honed his skills as a songwriter because he was making this album with the intention of re-connecting with people as well as establishing a meaning for the listeners through his music.

In his opinion, ‘Right Here’ is a good pop/folk album because he made the conscious decision of playing with the tempo and rhythm of each and every song. According to him, the album has more ballads because his fans loved the ballads when he was part of Westlife.

Shane clearly loves his music and his fans, as he is very excited to go on tours and re-connect with the people who love his music.