Coleraine’s Musician Album is a Forerunner for BBC Folk Award

Damien O’Kane, a native of Coleraine, Ireland is riding high on success these days. In recent news, the musician has risen to fame as his second solo album “REAS of High Traffic” has been nominated in the category of Best album at the BBC Radio 2 Folk awards.

As a matter of fact, Damien O’Kane has been associated to the BBC folk awards many times through his colleagues and fellow musicians. This is because he already has the experience of touring with the band called ‘Flook’ which had won the Best Group Award in the year 2006. In fact, Damien has also played with Kate Rusby who has had BBC awards for Best Album, Best Original Song, and the Best Folk Singer of the year in her bag.

It is a fact that cannot be disputed that Damien O’Kaine is quite a talent in the singing industry and his music is appreciated for its freshness and fusion of folk and contemporary tunes and melodies.

In a conversation with him, it was found out that he possesses a great nostalgia for his home country Ireland and tries to connect his music to his longing for home. Well, after hearing songs like ‘The Banks of The Bann,’ and ‘The Close of an Irish Day,’ it can be indeed confirmed that these songs are beautiful reminder of our psychological and physical connection with our respective hometowns. These songs take us back to those days when all we had around us was our sweet home and our family.

In the words of Damien O’Kane himself; “They are songs,” he says, “that take me back home. Great songs which I love, but I’ve always avoided doing them because they are so iconic. I decided it was time to overcome this and do the songs my way.”