About Us

This site has been created to present information about the news consumption patterns of the Irish people. The text begins with the information on the nature of news in Ireland. The newsworthiness of the news is determined by the popularity of content on most of the Irish news websites. The text provides a deep insight into questions such as what is the nature of the content of news in Ireland and what is that people care about the most?

News is largely divided based on the demography of Ireland. News of a local and global nature needs to be thorough balanced, as it is found that the rural people love to read about what is happening in their immediate surroundings. Therefore, an emphasis on Western news and the Western news industry is provided in the write-up.

After which, there is coverage of sports news which is usually diffused into various kinds of sports, interviews, game reviews, and games analysis. Following which is a section on lifestyle, travel, and health. This section largely comprises suggestions, research, and advice columns. It also contains entertainment and celebrity news.

Art and culture are crucial to Irish people and they often seek to engage in artistic activities. They want to know about the musicians in their town, independent theater and film activities, and books that they can/should get their hands on. Therefore, the task of the art and culture section is to give information on the mentioned arenas of the art world.

The write-up also contains information on notices and their kinds. Opinions and column based write ups are popular among the Irish people. This can be observed through the analysis of several news articles and events related to which happened in the last few months. The analysis of news is done on the basis of thorough research and fact checking. Lastly, there is a summarized information on the market share of The Irish News.