• L.V Gaal humbly accepts scathing remarks on United

    The football club Manchester United has been having a tough time lately as it lost multiple matches in recent years. It is only natural that the coach Louis Van Gaal has been bombarded with scathing remarks for the team’s poor performance. However, instead of retaliating in defence, the coach is rather humbly accepting the mistakes […]

  • Finishing Strongly is What it Takes to Win Any Team Sport

    In the beginning of any game, event, project, or program there is a sense of newness and freshness. New hopes and opportunities lie before our eyes, giving us new dreams. This hope in particular is capable of lifting our spirits and making us feel like we can achieve the achievable. If one can keep that […]

  • Ex-singer of Westlife, Shane Filan back on song

    Irish boyband Westlife ex-singer Shane Filan is all set to re-invent himself. The singer had an outstanding career with the band Westlife wherein in a career span of fourteen years; they had around fourteen extremely popular hit singles with forty-four million of sales in total. Unfortunately, in late 2012 — times weren’t in favor of […]

  • Orangehall Attacked for Second Time

    It is amazing that people would attack the Orangehall fraternity for the second time, windows and doors were once again smashed during the night. It is apparently some kind of hate crime due to the local protest in the area. Locals seem to feel justified in committing these crimes against the Orangehall fraternity, claiming that […]

  • One arrested as protesters protest against oil drill Project

    The campaign group ‘Stop the Drill’ and the company ‘InfraStrata’ are in an argument with each other regarding the drilling of an exploratory well which serves in favour of the larger public and makes their livelihood easy and convenient. The company has the necessary permissions from the government to drill the exploratory well under the […]