• The Irish News Has a 38% Market Share

    The Irish news is one of the leading brands of newspaper in Ireland. As if now, it enjoys 38% of the market share. Its market growth expectancy rate is going to increasing in the near future as it is providing valuable content, news, and information to its reader through the digital platform as well. In […]

  • Live Music for the Week Ahead

    In the next couple of weeks, there are several interesting and famous bands visiting Ireland. This news means that a lot of exciting live concerts at several exciting venues throughout Ireland! The summer is also around the corner which means for the next couple of months Ireland will be filled with exciting music festivals of […]

  • Coleraine’s Musician Album is a Forerunner for BBC Folk Award

    Damien O’Kane, a native of Coleraine, Ireland is riding high on success these days. In recent news, the musician has risen to fame as his second solo album “REAS of High Traffic” has been nominated in the category of Best album at the BBC Radio 2 Folk awards. As a matter of fact, Damien O’Kane […]

  • Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

    The saying “Justice delayed is justice denied” is a legal dictum signifying that when legal redress is available to a person who has suffered some kind of injury but does not get it in time it is as bad as not receiving any redress at all. This theory remains the core of the right of […]

  • Trying to Break Free from the Telly Habit

    Television can truly be extremely addictive, and it is tough to motivate oneself to break free from the constant attraction towards the television screen. But let’s face it, television is monotonous and unhealthy. In this world, most people watch television at least once a day. A person on average ends up spending ten to twelve […]